Brougth to life by the ancient atmosphere of the lagoon city, Venice, CARCINO Design Studio exists to interpret the universal language of form, function and design by embracing both East and West. Primarily, the Studio focuses on the searches for beauty in design and function – complex yet concrete in expression.

Founded in Venice in 2021 by architects Maria Pernice and Marco Brotto, CARCINO Design Studio specializes in product design and interiors. At the forefront, the Studio searches for beauty, a complex endeavour, but of the utmost importance. Next comes communication, as without the collective ability to recognize in the materials and form the language of the creator, all is lost. Thus, the piece itself is not the end product – rather idea, design materials, and communication all come together to form a CARCINO Design piece. Through our drawings, the noblest and most humble materials are sculpted to obtain works that refer to a classical ideal, but, at the same time, overcome historicist conventions to embrace a metaphysical and pop imagination.

Working exclusively with the finest, locally sourced materials, CARCINO Design Studio offers exceptionally handcrafted, Italian-made pieces making use of local culture and know-how. The Studio collaborates with an exclusively Italian and, specifically, Venetian supply chain to achieve the creation of unique objects and furnishing components. The quality of this artisanal production process is verified at every stage. This is why CARCINO Design creations, all customizable and made to order, become sought after additions to our client’s collections.

CARCINO Design Lab has always sought to overcome obstacles, seen and
unseen, questioning approaches and researching the latest instruments and of design.

Maria pernice/ ARChitect

In 2018 she exhibited a collective work at the Venice Biennale and took part in numerous design competitions. After collaborating with studies such as CLAB Architecture, she graduated at IUAV with an experimental thesis investigating the techniques of representation of the drawings of the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris.

marco brotto/ architect

Graduated at IUAV, he collaborates with important design studios and companies in Treviso, Trieste and Milan including Metalco S.r.l., Signorotto + Partners and Progetto CMR. Passionate about art and horses.